Fromerly Agra University, Agra (Accreditated Grade B++ by NAAC)

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About Us

The soul of any university is always its library and collection of standard books. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University has excellence in this regard. University provides the facility of Central Library in its premises at Paliwal Park and individual libraries in each department / Institute. The books are also provided to the students and a good academic environment is maintained in the library so that the scholars/students can read the material of their interest in the library.

The Central Library of the University was established in 1927 with the inception of the University 1927 and shifted to its present multi – storied grand building with several Sections in 1953. It was declared open by the then Chancellor / Governor UP – H.E. Shri K.M. Munshi during the tenure of the Vice - Chancellorship of Lt. Col. C.V. Mahajan, M.A. (Bombay), M.A. (OXEN) - ex. Principal of St. Jonh’s College, Agra while Dr. L.P. Mathur M.Sc., D. Sc. was the Registrar. Although the University Library was functioning already in Davis Hall of the University before occupying into the present Building.

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Arga

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